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In the heart of Dumaguete is a boutique hotel designed for the quintessential traveler whose lifestyle encompasses all forms of convenience brought about by technology, proximity, aesthetics and efficiency.  


This modern hotel is located in Dumaguete with a 24-hour front desk assistance and airport shuttle service, as well as lots of restaurant options ranging from fine dining to an exclusive rooftop wine bar. 


With its prime location just steps away from some Philippines' most renowned landmarks such as Rizal Boulevard or Bell Tower Dumaguete it's easy for guests to explore all that Dumaguete city has to offer them.

At Hotel Dumaguete, we prioritize environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. We strive to conserve water, increase energy efficiency, and reduce plastic waste. Our commitment to sustainability is evident in various ways, such as installing solar panels on our hotel's roof and implementing other measures. Additionally, we are proud to offer a one-of-a-kind, eco-friendly elevator called the Kale Lift, which operates quietly, has low usage costs, and utilizes energy-efficient screw-driven lifting technology. We are proud to be one of the few hotels that offer this type of elevator.


Hotel Dumaguete has twenty one rooms that would cater to the frequent, transient and long staying travelers.  It also targets families or large groups that enjoy simple pleasures of being together.  Please click on the Rooms tab for accommodation details.


Hotel Dumaguete has communal stations on the second and third floors. These stations are designed to serve the needs of the guests and are complete with coffee and tea making facilities, water station, microwave, and condiments and cutlery.


On the roof deck level are two meeting rooms sufficiently equipped with conference requirements  as wall mounted acoustic boards, smart tv,  and wifi.   


The hotel has two food and beverage outlets that offer service and items widely distinct from each other. Please click on the Dining Tab for more details.


  • Days of Operation: Open Monday to Sunday

  • Time: All Day Dining from 7am to 10pm



  • Roof Top Wine Bar 

  • Days of Operation: Open Monday to Sunday

  • Time: 4pm to 11pm

Hotel Dumaguete is a sustainable, eco-friendly hotel that strives to be more environmentally friendly. We're committed to conserving water, energy efficiency and reducing plastic pollution.

No pets allowed.

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our visioN IS Mastered simplicity

Simplicity beyond mere design | Experienced rooted in cultural discovery,
Authentic cuisine | Complete focus on guest’s wellbeing
have become the signature hallmark for all Riesa properties around the Philippines.

S A F E T Y   P R O T O C O L S 

All guests are required to wear face masks when outside the privacy of their rooms except when dining in any of our food and beverage outlets.  

Vaccination cards must be presented by guests when checking in.


  • 2 Food and Beverage Outlets

  • Guest Service Portal

  • 24-hour Front Desk and Security

  • 21 Rooms

  • 2 Meeting Rooms

  • Complimentary Wifi

  • Smart TV 

  • Airport and City Transport

  • Swimming Pool

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